Prequisites: Junior Navigation
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This is the second part of the study of offshore navigation. It further develops the student’s understanding of celestial navigation theory, essential to shortcut emergency methods. The student is introduced to additional sight reduction techniques and develops greater skill and precision in sight taking, positioning, and the orderly methods of carrying on the day’s work of a navigator at sea. Of particular interest and importance is the study of offshore navigation using minimal data and/or equipment, such as when on a disabled vessel or lifeboat.

Table of Contents

1. Sight Reduction: NASR & Law of Cosines 8. Identification of Celestial Bodies
2. Sight Reduction: Special Methods 9. Navigational Astronomy
3. The Sextant and Sextant Altitude Corrections 10. Sight Reduction: Pub. No. 249
4. Navigational Coordinates 11. Great Circle Sailing
5. Time 12. Emergency Navigation
6. Compass Considerations 13. Plotting
7. Solar and Lunar Phenomena 14. The Day’s Work at Sea

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