Cruise Planning

Prequisites: None
Member Cost: $68 (Covers the cost of materials)
Non-Member Cost: $113

This course is preparation for a cruise, whether the cruise is for a day, a week, a month, or longer. Whether you are going to cruise on rivers, lakes, the coasts, or across the oceans, very valuable information is provided by those who have been there. The topics discussed are: planning the voyage, financing the voyage, equipping the boat, crew selection, provisioning, voyage management, navigation planning, weather, communications, entering and clearing foreign and domestic ports, anchors and anchoring, emergencies afloat, medical emergencies, and security.

Table of Contents

1. Planning a Voyage 6. Provisioning
2. Financing a Voyage 7. Voyage Management
3. Managing Commitments Back Home 8. Entering and Clearing Foreign Ports
4. How to Equip a Cruising Boat 9. Emergencies Afloat
5. Crew Selection 10. Security Measures

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