About the Atlanta Sail & Power Squadron

The Atlanta Power Squadron (APS) was founded on 16 July 1953 with 21 charter members. When APS was founded classes in Seamanship, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation, Navigation, Engine Maintenance, Sail, and Weather were offered. Courses added since then include Piloting, Marine Electronics, Instructor Qualification and Cruise Planning.

Some years ago, the Atlanta Power Squadron added the word “Sail” to its official name in recognition of the large number of sailing enthusiasts among the membership. Today, the Atlanta Sail & Power Squadron (ASPS), also known as Atlanta’s Boating Club®, is a unit of the United States Power Squadrons, the nation’s largest recreational boating organization.

Dedicated to boating that is Safe, Smart and Fun, ASPS joins the 450 other squadrons across the country in pursuing those goals. ASPS was formed in 1954 and currently has about 235 members. Many ASPS members boat on Lake Lanier, although members have boats from the Gulf Coast to the Chesapeake Bay.